San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines

Ms. Maica, a graduate student, visited Cebu, Philippines to see candidate areas for her field survey in December, 2017.

Last December 5-20, 2017, I visited my intended study area, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines.

It is located in the northwestern part, a 4-hour drive from Cebu City, the provincial capital. The goals of this pilot study were to introduce myself to the people in the community, meet the local health workers and evaluate the feasibility of my research methods and plans. During our exchange, I could get a snapshot of the health issues in the area. It was discussed that undernutrition is a top public health concern among children while obesity is also on the rise in both children and adults. My study would further explore these nutritional problems. I was warmly received by the community. I talked with some people who were at the health center for consultation. The rural health workers advised me on when, where and how I could encourage participants. They offered their support and assistance throughout the study.

I believe we’re off to a good start and hopefully, things will run smoothly.

San Remigio Municipal Hall- the seat of the local government

The health center offers primary and preventive health care services to the community

Most residents buy foods and eat at local restaurants during lunch

A typical Filipino lunch