New Publication!

A new paper by a PhD student has been published.

A new paper on the association of sperm mitochondrial DNA copy number with urinary cadmium and selenium has been published. Sperm mitochondrial DNA is linked to lower quality and reduced fertility. Environmental factors, like cadmium and selenium, were explored but no conclusive evidence was found. Discrepancies with earlier studies attributed to methodological differences. This paper studied volunteers who visited the hospital for infertility treatment in Japan. This paper sheds light on environmental exposure and male infertility.

Read on Springer (open access): Aisyah CR, Mizuno Y, Masuda M, Iwamoto T, Yamasaki K, Uchida M, Kariya F, Higaki S, Konishi S. (2023). Association between sperm mitochondrial DNA copy number and concentrations of urinary cadmium and selenium. Biological Trace Element Research.