New Publication!

A new paper of a PhD student has been published.

Focusing on school children in vulnerable communities, this study investigated factors associated with the nutritional status of children in a rural municipality in Cebu, Philippines. Children aged 6-12 years and their parents were asked to participate. Anthropometric measurements were taken in schools for children while interviews and measurements were conducted at home for parents. The outcomes of this study were HAZ and WAZ. Various data on child food intake and physical activity, as well as household environment such as food insecurity and eating practices, water, sanitation/handwashing facilities, sociodemographic status, and parents’ nutritional status, were collected and analyzed. Results showed high prevalence of stunting and underweight in this community. Children’s nutritional status was associated with household income and size, parent’s nutritional status and severe food insecurity.

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Ieiri MCA, Kosaka S, Umezaki M. (2020). Factors affecting undernutrition among school children in Cebu, Philippines. Ecol Food Nutr.